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USA Powerball
Powerball is a cooperative Lotto Game operated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). It involves 32 State Lotteries and pays out more than US$2 Billion in cash prizes each year with an average Jackpot of US$141 Million per Draw.

USA Powerball has a minimum Jackpot each draw of over US$20 Million and offers you Nine ways to Win! With over 650,000 winners each week your chances of winning a cash prize are BIG!

Mega Millions
Mega Millions is a multi-state Lottery game with Jackpots that start at US$12 million.

The Jackpots grow until someone wins. Jackpots have the potential to grow to as high as US$500 million or more. In fact, Big Game (the previous version of Mega Millions) holds the record for the largest Lottery Jackpot ever paid in the United States: US$390 million!

Even when the Jackpot isn't won, you can still take home BIG cash prizes! Mega Millions offers you Nine Different Ways to Win!

Florida Lottery
Winning Numbers
- You must be at least 18 years of age to play any U.S. State Lottery.
- You will receive a confirmation Email within 48 hours of entering your order.
- Games entered usually start 2-3 weeks from date of order.
- If you prefer to send your entry by fax or post, print your Entry Form, and fax or mail this back to OSA at the address provided below.
* Not Available to Residents of The Netherlands & The Philippines *

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